Hopi Ear Candling

Treatment Details

A hollow beeswax candle (which is an anti-inflammatory & a strong antiseptic) is inserted into the entrance of your ear  creating warmth to help loosen impacted debris and wax followed by a pressure face massage to drain all the toxins away using aromatherapy oils specifically chosen for you.

Perfect for those who suffer with: 






●Throat Problems 



●Dry Ears 


●Excessive Wax 



The benefits:

●Elevates Toxins

●Treats the mind and soul


●Improves hearing, sight, taste 

●Relieves pressure 

●Re-balances the body 

●Softens Wax 

●Helps with sleep

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it hot? No, it is a nice warming feeling 

Does it hurt? Absolutely not, it's extremely relaxing 


Can you hear anything? All you hear is a very light crackling noise which is soothing and relaxing.


Have this treatment as a standing alone treatment or add it onto your amazing Face The World Facial for a double blissful experience! 



£20 (45 minute treatment)

Course of 3 (used every 7-10 days dependant on issues)

£52 SAVING £8

Course of 5  (used every 7-10 days dependant on issues)

£90 SAVING £10

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