Unlike other massages, our Face The World® treatment is unique in that it will take you on a blissful sensory voyage around Morocco whilst enjoying the effects of result-driven products.


Combining the benefits of traditional black olive "beldi" soap and exfoliating kessa mitts (ethically and fairtrade sourced from Morocco) - with a beautiful rose otto massage candle to melt into the skin (along with shea butter, sweet almond oil and vitamin E). Bliss.


The benefits of the treatment are: 

• Relieves Lower Back Pain
• Improves Circulation
• Relieves Tension from Upper Back
• Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
• Releases “Feel Good” Chemicals
• Helps Remove Toxins
• Reduces Stiffness and Improves Flexibility
• Improves Sleep
• Helps the Healing Process
• Feels Good and Eases Stress

£35.00 - 1 hour treatment








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The treatment starts with:

The Guedra Blessing…

The Guedra takes its name from the Moroccan drum, made from a clay cooking pot of the same name, used to keep the heartbeat rhythm of the dance. It is done throughout the North African regions inhabited by the Tamachek, also known as the Tuareg or Blue People, so named because of the blue hue their indigo-dyed garments impart to their skin. The ritual is performed to impart blessings and good energy to the community, and can also be done in connection with courtships and weddings.

The music is said to spread the soul’s love and peace to the Beat of the Heart. In a nomadic society, what can be carried by one person is limited, so every item must be essential and multi-purpose. In classical Arabic, the word “guedra” means cauldron/cooking pot. That pot was covered with an animal skin to make a drum, to play the heart-beat rhythm (life’s basic rhythm).

The Guedra is a night-time ritual, around a fire under the light of the moon or inside one of the larger tents by fire or candlelight. For this treatment, we focus on the light from a candle and use the traditional Djembe drum to represent the heartbeat in the bespoke music.

The Sacred Candlelight..


Candles and candlelight have been used and revered across all cultures and sacred rituals across the globe for 1000’s of years. From churches to monasteries to mosques to mandirs – candles represent serenity and the desire for peace. We light candles in memory of loved ones and love the story that just one candle burning in the darkness can be used to light other candles without dimming it’s own brightness.


The Back Massage…

The use of fairtrade-sourced, Moroccan black beldi soap and the genuine “hammam spa” kessa mitts for exfoliation will encourage the removal of dead skin cells which will aid new skin growth, thus leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking more bright and vibrant. The black olive paste is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E – and is a highly potent moisturiser.

The use of the exclusive Face The World “Moroccan Rose” massage candle aims to connect the mind, body and soul allowing the client to feel more relaxed and at one with themselves. Gives a sense of well being and tranquillity. The natural soy wax melts at low temperature and also contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and rose otto oil… bliss.