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Unlike other facials, our Face The World® treatment is unique in that it will take you on a blissful sensory voyage around the world whilst enjoying the effects of result-driven products.


A Face The World ‘Journey’ is a carefully choreographed and timed experience that takes you to four amazing countries during the one facial treatment. For each stage of the facial the products, fragrances, choreographed sequences and blissful music have been developed specifically to each represent a different country. This gives you a beautiful cultural experience not to mention the sheer enjoyment of being pampered and seeing visible results from the quality products.


The Face The World facial treatment includes:

  • Double Cleanse

  • Tone

  • Exfoliation

  • Facial Massage using Pressure Point and Eastern Massage techniques 

  • Face Mask - a divine tropical Ocean Rain Skin Drench to further enrich the skin and deeply relax the body and mind

  • Shoulder and Neck Massage

  • A Mini Tibetan Hand Massage or Mini Indian Head Massage

  • Concluding with a heavenly Moisturise

  • Mini skin-booster serum to take home with you

All the products have been scientifically developed especially by Face The World to create a truly luxurious and result-driven facial experience. Containing premium natural active ingredients, they are completely free from parabens and have been developed responsibly without animal testing or animal products.


Suitable for all skin types, Face The World products have a unique combination of both traditional and cutting edge ingredients.

£35.00 - 45 minute treatment