MAC Lip Scrub

For anyone who knows me will know I have always struggled with my lips being dry, either due to the weather, me biting my lips or the fact that they peel.

I came across this lip scrub whilst on my training at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy, one of the tutors used it on me when I was their model. I couldn't believe how soft it made my lips and how little amount of the product I needed to get them soft. The taste and smell was amazing and the scrub wasn't too harsh on my lips, because the last thing you need when your lips are dry or peeling is a harsh lip scrub.

It also comes in 5 different flavours and colours but my personal favourite is Vanilla.

this is now part of my kit and i will use this on all my clients.

Available at MAC for £12.50 or it is 50p cheaper at Debenhams...every little helps when savings are involved ladies!

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