Solait Dry Oil Tan

I absolutely LOVE my fake sunshine look and it is an absolute MUST for me because my see-through, pure white skin just does NOT tan. Finding a great tan for me is always difficult and I have tried A LOT! One I have found that I love is the Skinny Tan Oil Tan & Tone but I always want something a little cheaper to just top up the tan, and ladies, I think I have found a new best friend....the Solait Dry Oil. It really is just B-E-AUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

It smells tropical dries quickly, goes on SO easy and mine hasn't streaked at all.

I've used it just before going out as it has an instant colour and then builds up over the hours for a darker shade. I am tanned and clothed within 15mins which for people on the go all the time, like me, is perfect!

Not only that - but it is cheap as chips! ONLY £3.29 at Superdrug at the moment RRP £4.99.


Use a tan mitt to apply

Wait 10 minutes before putting clothes on

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