This week I got the amazing opportunity to go back to Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy and watch the amazing Cassie herself do a Masterclass on Red Carpet Makeup ...let me tell you, it was, AMAZING! Not only did we get to pick Cassie's brains on trends at the moment on the red carpet and all her favourite products, we also got freebies from the new Superdrug makeup range 'B.'. We also got to try out Cassie's new range 'Cassie B' - which is unbelieveable and better yet, VERY affordable!

After getting the lovely little goodies, I thought it would be good to share my thoughts on them.

First up, the B. Flawless Foundation...

I absolutely love this product, being highstreet I thought it would be quite heavy and a little cakey, but to my surprise, it actually wasn't. It has a Matte finish which, personally, I don't think works well with my skin, so I added a little illuminator from Charlotte Tilbury and WOW! What an amazing coverage, seriously I was shocked! I really really like it!

As I have previously explained my skin is a total nightmare when it comes to new products and can react quite badly when I have just started to use new brands....but again to my surprise my skin was fine. thanks B.

Another great thing about B. is it is a Vegan sourced brand which I think is fantastic and definitely the 'IN' thing at the moment as many people do not want chemical infused products anymore they want natural as possible and animal friendly products too. BINGO!!

So not only did it give me a flawless look and a lovely glow with the extra illuminator, the application of the foundation was beautiful...very easy to apply even for those non-makeup girlies.

Next up, the Firestarter Liquid Lipstick.....

Ohh yes, girlies if you love a red lip, this is a must-have! Priced at only £6.99 this B Beauty is definitely affordable, long wearing AND I used VERY little to get this beautiful bright lip.

Cassie let us in on the secret that the red carpet beauties are now all about the natural, minimal makeup look with a lovely bright popping lip, so I was pretty happy to get this a freebie!

Last one, the Setting Powder...

I'm not usually a fan personally of setting powder just because I never have time to do a full face and full job on myself in a morning and just stick to the basics for weekdays, but I have found wearing the setting powder this week has kept my makeup in place longer. Don't be put off by the bright white compact ladies, it's translucent!

So all in all, B Beauty...I shall be purchasing more goods! Next on the list is all of Cassie's range...the pigments are just insane!

This was my look after applying all three gorgeous products!


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