This week’s star buy has got to be without a doubt the amazing Sulfur Paste by Malin & Goetz.

Why? This is why…

For anyone who knows me or likes to keep up with my Instagram and Facebook posts…I am always on the lookout for any new amazing products that can help my horrendous acne prone skin.

I have suffered with bad skin since being around 14 years old like most teens…but when it is still as bad at 26…it’s not so much fun! Especially when part of your career you are expected to look good to showcase your work…and there it is! A nice big spot! Grr… don’t forget ladies, makeup artist can work colour correcting the redness in spots but we can’t hide the actual bump from Satan himself rising from the skin!

So what have I tried…more like what have I not tried?! I feel like I have tried it all. From high-street to network marketing brands, it’s rather exhausting! When it comes to high-street brands I have been there, bought the lot and they’re still probably still in my cupboard piling up with all my shampoos I haven’t yet finished because the matching conditioner ran out. I’ve tried ointments, facemasks (some of which worked for a short while), spot creams, spot gels, wipes, vitamins, tablets, eating healthy, exercise – I told you, I’ve tried everything I could think of.

At 14 the doctor put me on the contraceptive pill solely to try and clear my skin up, this worked for quite a while with the occasional spot making it’s ghastly appearance, however at 21, I was told this was not a long term pill to be taking and I had to come off it. That is when it all re-started!

Not only is it just a pain and doesn’t look great having bad skin but it’s also sore, itchy, red and angry and seems to be a constant loop of getting rid then ‘hello I’m back!.’

So I had read a good few reviews on the Sulfur Paste before purchasing and the reviews seemed fab, so straight away I was determined to try it! If it works on my skin ladies, it will work on most!

After the Makeup Expo in Manchester on Saturday I decided to pop into Space NK to enquire about the paste and the ladies were SO helpful and SO understanding and advised that the feedback they had all had on the paste was amazing – so BOOM, it went in the basket!

So whats the paste all about…

Ok, so, Sulfur Paste dries out the spot and also kills the bacteria that helps the spots to form so by applying the paste you kill the bacteria! Do NOT use before applying makeup ladies only apply at night as you end up looking like a life version of dot-to-dot as the paste is bright white! You need to apply the paste with a cotton bud and do NOT shake the product, dip your bud into the bottom of the sediment where it will come out all clumpy and thick – that’s what you want! Dab on the paste, don’t rub it in! Just let it settle and dry. It does tingle a little but don’t worry it’s just working. This Sulfur Paste is the highest concentration of 10% for the skin for highstreet shops to sell, next step is the dermatologist or doctors. Due to the high concentration this can only be used once a day as it does dry out the skin, so moisturise in the morning as usual!

As I’m sure you can imagine I couldn’t wait to get home and pop it on and see if it ‘REALLY’ worked.

Guess what?!


I dabbed on as instructed and slept in it and woke up in the morning in absolute amazement!

My not so beautiful, big, angry, red bellied spots had now gone down in size, no longer looked quite like Satan and were nowhere near as sore! YESSSS!!!

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you Malin & Goetz!

You absolute genius!

Don’t get me wrong, they had not disappeared, but, they were on the mend and that in itself is more than enough to ask for. Over the next few days they diminished in size and redness and now all that was left that was worth fretting over was my rather unfortunate light scarring!

I am not spot free by any stretch but, this definitely helps as a quick fix, a lot more than any other quick fix product I’ve used.

Where to get it?

They sell the product at Space NK for £18.00 (pricey I know but money is no concern when you’re at your wits end). Also don’t forget to collect your points! Use this link below to get £10 off your first order AND FREE delivery! Thank me later!

Click here to get £10 off!!

Here are a few tips for acne prone skin ladies, just some little things I have picked up along the way…

  • ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed, even on the nights when you can’t even remember where your bed is, REMOVE THE MAKEUP GIRLIE! You don’t want that makeup seeping into your pores – you are just asking for spots!

  • Always cleanse, tone and moisturise – your later life self will thank you for it! Not only this, but you need to get right down into those pores to avoid blackheads (eurgh!) and spots appearing. If you have oily skin, do not skin the moisturising step, you still need moisture in your skin and you will seal in your natural oils which will stop excess sebum!

  • Drink lots of water – I am a total nightmare for this one, I just don’t drink enough at all! But keeping your body hydrated, hydrates your skin and your whole body whilst also flushing out all those awful toxins causing spots.

  • CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES – I know this is seen as an absolute chore but believe me if you have spots you do not want to be pushing around all the bacteria to areas on your face that are spot-free because they won’t be spot free for long! Plus, your makeup will apply much nicer with clean brushes!

  • Which leads onto the next tip, do not pick/squeeze/poke/peel your spots, not only is it grose but you are again, spreading the bacteria along your face and you are much more likely to end up with scarring which is a lot harder to get rid of than the actual spots themselves!

  • PRIME TIME! Use Primer. Even if you don’t wear makeup. This is a great step in your skincare regime that shouldn’t be missed. Primer will help seal in moisture and will also help stop any makeup seeping deep into your pores and if you don’t wear makeup it will deter any environmental nasties that pollute your skin on a daily basis. You can get some primers that add a lovely glow to your skin too giving you a healthy look!

  • I have tried the whole changing diets to help my skin but this just didn’t work for me, however, avoiding high fatty foods will improve your skin in others ways too. Fatty foods does contribute to puffy eyes and will also provide your skin will more unnatural oils which will come out through your skin. So try stay healthy!

  • Try your absolute best not to stress over the little b*star*s! Its easier said than done, believe me, but when you become stressed this alters your hormone levels and it is the hormones that contribute to the acne…so let’s meditate for a while!

These are just a few helpful little tips.

So as you can see I really do recommend if you are struggling with your skin to give this baby a whirl! I’d love to know how you get along with the product if you choose to give it a go, please get in touch!

If you have any homemade remedies or amazing products that work on acne prone skin please do drop me a message, as I have said I am always up for trying anything that really works!

Also, remember, you are beautiful, just as you are spots n’all! Beauty is within, so let’s try not to get too down about the fact that there’s a mountain on our nose when we wake up!


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