What’s the IN thing at the moment that everyone wants? Glowy skin, YES, Glowy dewy skin! It's on the runways it's on the celebs, it's the NOW! The type where you look like you’ve been sunkissed, Laaavvvly!

Just click on the photo's of products below to go to the website.

I get numerous messages off people asking what they should use or do to get glowy skin, so here’s your answer ladies, here is how I get mine and my clients skin so glowy, natural and healthy looking….

First thing’s first, before applying any makeup ensure you have to have a great skincare regime, because without the skin being prepped properly, ladies the makeup isn’t going to make any difference. Prepping the skin means your makeup will stay on longer, it creates a much stronger base for the makeup to hold onto and it evens out the skin giving it already a natural glow.

Ensure you Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise before applying ANY kind of makeup! I use lip scrub on the lips to get rid of any dry skin to give your lips and really healthy look. You can make your own lip scrub with sugar and vaseline if you don't want to buy one!

Once the skin has been moisturised you want to add a primer one to highlight the skin preferrably, I use the BECCA one or Charlotte Tilbury one, there are many out there all for different skin types, different purposes and then I add an extra form of primer, a strobe cream or highlighting cream. The most well known cream on the market at the moment is probably the MAC Strobe Cream (£25.00 MAC Cosmetics)

which is amazing but for a lower cost brand the B.Beauty Cassie Lomas Illuminator is AMAZING and at a lovely cost of only £9.99 at Superdrug.

Then use a illuminating or sheer Foundation to give a really nice natural subtle glowy skin, ensure you have the correct shade for your skin otherwise this won’t turn into the natural skin you want, you will either look too pale for your skin or end up looking orangey (either is not a good look!). The foundations below really help me get beautiful glowy skin, perfect for all different budget types.

I love the B Beauty Satin Foundation it is really sheer and the coverage is brilliant and at only £9.99, can't complain!

£34.00 at Space NK, this foundation is unreal! It's so easy to apply and blends perfectly.

MAC Face & Body is so light, glowy and shear it is perfect for those who want a light coverage at £23.50 from MAC Cosmetics.

My next step is to conceal all spots, blemishes, red areas.

My next step is to use my fabulous bronzer, my absolute go to when creating the glowy look. Younique Beachfront Bronzer, I cannot recommend enough, honestly ladies, if you don’t have this you NEED it! It’s half matte and half shimmer gives the perfect combination to diffusing the light! I’ve used this as eyeshadow too and it gives a really lovely subtle bit of colour for the eyes.

Your highlighter is the next stop ensure you get the correct colour for the look you are trying to create, seen as this is a bronzed goddess look we are going to use a nice bronzey highlighter which is in my case the BECCA Opal Highlighter.

Absolutely love this baby! Lasts ages! You want a nice small fluffy brush to just gently sweep this over slightly above your cheek bones and maybe a tiny bit on your nose.

If you want a more highstreet budget the Cassie Lomas B Beauty Supermodel Sheen Pigment is a great highlighter and doubles up as a eyeshadow at only £4.99!

Last but not least I just add a nice colourless lip balm over the lips to keep them hydrated and gives the natural look.

There you go lovelies, that's how I get my natural, glowy look!

If you need any more alternative products from the ones above please just pop me a message :)

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