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On Thursday 15th February I will be doing a Live over on my Facebook Page, if you aren't already on it please click here.

I regularly get beautiful ladies like yourself messaging me for advice on skincare routines, foundations, makeup brushes, what skincare products are best for acne prone skin etc. So I thought why not answer the questions on Live as sometimes people message me and with working a full-time job at a school and then Makeup evenings and weekends, there can sometimes be a little delay in replying, and whilst I'm on and I can show you the products I use too.

Just so I'm a little prepped, if you do have any questions you'd like to ask, please zip them across in either a DM on any of my Social Media pages or via an email here

All questions will be anon.

I'm no expert by a long stretch but I just thought what if other ladies out there are suffering with the same problems I do/have and would like help too.

If it's not for you fair enough, but if you would like some answers....just ask!

If you don't fancy asking them now for my live but do want some answers that is fine, please do still message I don't mind at all.

Much Love xxx

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