Dermaplaning Revealed!

I had heard so many people having this Dermaplaning done and hadn't a clue what it was or what it entailed, all I kept seeing was videos of people having what looked like their face scraped off.

After extensive research I thought 'you know what I'm going to give it a whirl'.

Lucky for me my fabulous beauty therapist Amanda at Glamourpuss in Clayton had recently qualified in it!


Knowing she would give me the truthful answers I required to put my nerves at ease i.e.

'Does it hurt?'

'Will it work for my skin?' etc.

I booked in and even better still managed to use a voucher I got for Christmas

(Thanks Nan & Grandad!)

If you are anything like me where you can't keep up with all these new beauty treatments today then here is a little overview of MY experience of Dermaplaning and I'm going to give it you straight and try and answer all your questions that I'm sure you have (like I did).

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is removing the first layer of your skin, so it's a form of exfoliation, using a butter blade.

Sounds scary right?

It's really not. Sure, they could cut your face but that's the last thing your therapist is going to be looking to do. Not only does it exfoliate and remove the first layer of your skin, it also gets rid of that awful fluffy hair that we all have that we don't want to shave but also that we don't want to keep! YES ladies, there is a god!

Another thing I learnt is I have been saying it wrong all along, it's Derma-plane-ing not Derma-plan-ing like I have been pronouncing it...OOPS!

Does it hurt?

THIS was my first question after the initial 'what even is dermaplaning?'. I'm the biggest wuss! I mean it...I've been gearing myself up for 2 years to get my seconds done....I know....I will get round to it!

Dermaplaning doesn't hurt! I actually found it quite relaxing and theraputic truth be told.

Yes it's a blade but it isn't painful by any stretch. It just feels like scratching on the skin.

What is the process of Dermaplaning?

The process was so relaxing for me, this really did feel like a treat!

After being prepped looking like I was going for surgery with towels, a hat (like what you wear to have a tan in) and putting the heated bed on I was ready to relax....

First step - Amanda cleansed my face taking away any remaining makeup off.

Second step - She started the process of exfoliation with the blade, stretching my skin gently and making small scrapes to the skin. She even showed me at the end how much skin has been exfoliated off. MINGING! (this will really open up your eyes to how much dead skin is really on your skin on a daily basis)

Third step - Exfoliation with a exfoliating gel (which by the way was AMAZING, I could really feel it working unlike a lot of exfoliators I have used previously).

Fourth step - I opted for the Collagen mask which was extra in the treatment and DEFINITELY worth every penny!! Yes girlies, this is that fabulous gold mask you see all celebs taking selfies with on! This infuses the skin with hydrogel, perfect for fighting against anti-aging, dehydrated skin and helps to lift and firm the skin. Yes, all in ONE mask ladies! I led there all relaxed for 10minutes looking sexy as hell(!) letting the mask do it's thing!

Fifth step - My skin was pampered with a lovely moisturising serum to finish off the treatment and it smelt gorge!

What a pamper eh?!

How much was the treatment?

The beauty salon I went to is where I go for all my treatments is Glamourpuss in Clayton-le-moors and at the moment Amanda has this on offer for £30 then £5 extra for the mask.

Honestly, if you are between two minds of if to get it done, go for it and get yourself a deal whilst you can!!

Before & After Results

As you will well know by now, my skin is a nightmare! I always go on about it! It is very acne prone and nowadays is become more and more oily too (YAY!). A lot of people don't recommend having it done if you already have spots visable, because this will just spread infection so wait until they clear up like I did! Also, if you are on any Retinol treatment it is not advised to have this treatment.

Before my skin before was dull, lifeless and really needed a lift, as you can see.

After having it done, this was what came off my face. Grose right?

Apparently I didn't have much skin come off but this is due to me actually taking care of my skin everyday and I have a thorough skin regime, but my god did I have a lot of hair that came off! EW EW EW!

Was my skin sore after?

No, it felt a little tingly but Amanda had warned me of this prior to the treatment and said her feedback on the feeling was like a mild sunburn feeling and I do agree with that, but it's definitely not painful. My skin was slightly red afterwards but this calmed down after almost an hour.

Now today, it's lovely and glowy and feels SO soft, like baby's bum soft ladies, and my makeup looks SOOOO much better now that fluff has gone. It no longer feels tingly, it doesn't feel sensitive it just feels like my normal skin but ALOT healthier and more glowy.

Would I recommend the treatment?

Absolutely! I never recommend something I don't fully believe in, or if it doesn't work for me and definitely not if I don't like it.

I hugely recommend Amanda too, she's fab, honest, down to earth, professional but with a friendly approach. I will now be budgeting this into my monthly treats.

Thanks Amanda, x

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