Wedding Trials

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, one of the most beautiful and likely one of the most expensive so it definitely shouldn't be stressful, you should be able to enjoy every minute! I always ensure that my brides have a bit of luxury on their wedding morning because you have been stressed enough the previous months leading up to it, preparing, ordering and organising to ensure everything is 'just so'.

Before choosing your makeup artist for your big day I hugely recommend you search through a few makeup artists, have a look at their previous work, their reviews and bridal photo's to ensure the look they produce is something similar to what you are looking for, and check out their prices. Give those makeup artists whose work you like, a quick message, introduce yourself and get a feel for their personality. The last thing you need on your special day is to spend an entire morning/afternoon with someone who you don't particularly get along with or feel you have nothing in common with. This will only make you feel you can't speak the truth about your makeup, especially if there is something you don't like and want changing. That's the last thing every makeup artist wants when doing your makeup. We WANT you to say if you want something changing, we want you to feel beautiful and most of all we want you to feel like you!

Prior to booking your wedding makeup, book a trial! I personally, won't take a bridal booking without a trial. Why? Simply because you want to know prior to your wedding day exactly what you are having, what you will look like and know that it is all going to be right. The last thing you want is to be stressing on the day because the look created isn't what you wanted and having to change it. Having a trial not only puts you at ease but ensures the makeup on the day goes smoothly leaving you that time to enjoy being pampered! During your trial be honest, be open, don't be scared to say you don't like it, or you want a different lip colour.

A lot of brides before booking a trial ask what makeup the makeup artist uses, I understand that brides want to know that what is being used is high quality but please don't be put off if you haven't heard of some of the brands they use. Makeup artists will only use the best and use what they trust! I personally use a mixture of many brands because different products work for different skin types, it isn't just expensive, well promoted brands that are good quality. I also would never use anything on someone that I haven't already tested out on myself.

Not sure what look you want? Honestly, you aren't the first and won't be the last, a lot of brides aren't actually bothered about having their makeup done but feel they should on their wedding day. This is entirely normal. We are used to ladies coming in unsure of what they want. This is exactly what your trial is for! To find exactly what works for you and what makes you feel comfortable. The makeup artist will discuss with you what your skin is like and what your day-to-day makeup looks like, if you don't wear any, say so. This gives us an indication as to how heavy or how natural you will want it, what products to use for your skin type to ensure you feel like you look like you. Makeup artists won't take offence to you wanting to change something during your trial, we would much rather you say so than go away unhappy.

I am, more than most all about getting the most for my money, so I would never want my bride to feel they paid for something and didn't even like it.

After all my trials, I give my brides up to 7 days to book in their date, up until 7 days I will reserve your date for you with no deposit required. After the 7 days unfortunately I cannot guarantee the date to be free.

Once a booking has been made a document will be sent across to you with all information regarding your booking. I call this the 'Wedding Contract' however, it's not as scary as it sounds, there is nothing to sign, it just includes:

  • Prices

  • Deposits

  • Times for the day

  • Cancellation information

  • Tips for your skin before the wedding

  • The different packages for you and guests to choose from

From feedback, brides feel this really makes them feel at ease and this is one less thing THEY need to plan. It's all done for you!

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