The light of my life...

I've had so many of you messaging me to ask about my light therapy mask I thought I'd give you the down-low all in one place!

So it is a light therapy mask for Acne prone skin, you can get a few different other professional one's with different colour options. The different light colours work on different problematic skin types and penetrate the skin at different skin surface levels. It's all scientific-y!

The light mask that I have is the Neutrogena Visably Clear one and I absolutely love it! As you all know I suffer dearly with my not-so-beautiful acne prone skin so to find this little beaut was a real diamond find!

It only takes 10 minutes of your time for each light session and you can still see out of the mask and carry out your normal duties, however, the glasses built into the mask to protect your eyes are tinted yellow so colours look a little funny whilst the mask is on and a few seconds after taking it off. I usually pop it on just before bed, after taking off my makeup and carrying out my usual skin care regime, I find it is quite a nice way to relax before going to sleep. Just don't put your moisturiser on until AFTER the therapy.

There is no pain, no heat, just a little bright to start off with if anything the worst part of it is, it's not fashion savvy....the fashion police will be out in numbers when this comes out the box! It's an awful look, but one definitely worth rocking for 10 minutes!

The science behind the beauty....

The science behind how the mask works is as follows...

The mask works with two different LED light colours, one being blue and one being pink, both the lights work together really well at preventing mild to moderate acne. The blue light kills the bacteria on the skin and penetrates the skins hair follicles and pores which are our main bacteria multipliers. The red light helps to sooth inflammation and heal the skin, as you will know if you have problematic skin once those pesky blighters arrive they bring with them a lovely red blanket that makes them look, aswel as feel sore. It also helps to stimulate collagen in the skin helping to give you that lovely plumped healthy glow and helps with fine lines too! Although this mask is A-MAZING, it doesn't get rid of hormonal acne BUT it does help with the inflammation side and does help them stop the bacteria spreading causing non-hormonal outbursts.

I use my mask every night when I have an outburst and I have found using it for 10 minutes every night for 1 week usually means I only have to use it for 2-3 nights the week after!

As you know I am HUGE on skincare products and gadgets and anything that helps me with my spotty skin I am all over it. There's so many celebs who claim this to be the holy grail and I totally understand why now...


The mask isn't overly expensive retailing at £30 at Amazon, it should usually be £59.99.

This is £30 for 30 x 10 minute mask times, this works out at only £1 per treatment!!!!!!!!!!

The mask comes with a separate battery treatment activator meaning you have to replace JUST the treatment activator after 30 sessions. You keep the same mask. The cost for a new activator on Amazon is £9.99 for another 30 treatments.

Just to confirm I do not get commission for this!

There you go ladies, thank me later and if you are on prime you could have it by tomorrow!!! I always like to help fellow ladies with any problematic skin issues and it feels amazing knowing that it has helped so ladies please do send your thoughts my way if you decide to purchase!

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