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I absolutely adore doing Weddings, to me it's the best part of my job! Getting to see everyone getting excited and sharing tears of joy and excitement is just beautiful! I often share a tear with you too! From enquiry to the big day I am always in contact with you even if it is just a check up that you are all ready for the big day and seeing if there is any way I can help out. On occasion there have been brides let down by various areas of their wedding suppliers but fear not, we can fix it together!

From enquiry I will always ask where the venue is, how many is in the party in total, where you will be getting ready (as this is not always at the venue) and what time. I promise i'm not prying this is simply so I can give you an accurate quote for makeup. I am aware that weddings are expensive and for most it is all about budget and nobody likes to be given one price and then suddenly find that travel wasn't included and there is now an extra cost you weren't expecting!

I always advise getting a few quotes from people so you can really compare and look at their photograph's from previous weddings and what previous brides say about their experience with them. Sometimes cheap isn't always best! Check the reviews. It's a big decision! You want to find you get a long with the person who you are spending the morning with on your big day, not someone who you can't relate to or have a laugh with!

If you happen to choose me then we will arrange a deposit to be paid this is usually 20% of the total booking including the trial price and this will reserve the date for you. Without the deposit being paid the date will not be reserved for you. Once a deposit has been paid we would look at booking your bridal trial in. I always recommend booking the trial around 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding day just so the look is fresh in your mind and you are fully at ease and content with what your look will be on the day. The trial is around 60 - 90 mins long and is a standard cost for that time booked. During this time you can try out different looks if you are unsure. I always say to my brides this is your time to choose the look you really want, if you are unsure of a colour of lip, let's try a few! If there is something you aren't sure on, let's remove it and try something else! This time is a try before you buy kind of deal.

Prior to the trial i always recommend brides to have a good look through my website at any makeup they may like the look of and have a scout on Pintrest, google etc and then from this I will see what areas of the look you like most and what tones, shapes, colours will suit your face shape and skin type. Not used to wearing makeup? fear not ladies, this is my forte, skin natural makeup! I have had lots of experience with ladies who have either never worn makeup or very rarely wear it and are worried they will not look like them on their big day. You will look just like you but an enhanced version for your day I promise. Please feel free to bring along any bridesmaids, mums etc there's plenty of room and it's always good to get some opinions especially if you are anything like me and struggle to make a decision.

Once you are set upon a look and you love it! We will arrange times for the big day. You will then receive a Wedding Contract from myself, this outlines everything regarding the day and makeup. It includes the venue, the date, the prices, deposits paid, times for makeup, when the remainder of the balance is to be paid, tips and tricks for your skin to prep it before the wedding day and details to contact me should you need to. This isn't something you need to sign just something that eases a lot of brides minds so they know exactly what is what. It helps with organisation without the bride having to think about it.

I will always message a week before the wedding and ask the bride to confirm all the details again - just in case anything has changed!

On the day I will be there when I say I will be and no later. I will arrive and set up my kit and then I will be ready to start the first makeup.

The bride on the day will have a face mask and will have her skin prepped. This is so the bride has the chance to relax and enjoy her pamper. Sometimes, during the madness of it all the bride forgets it is her day and she should be enjoying it not sorting out bits and bats! BRIDES REMEMBER YOUR MAID OF HONOUR IS THERE TO TAKE THE WEIGHT OFF - LEAN ON HER!

It's so important you get to relax on the morning and enjoy everything!

During my time with you treat me like a bridesmaid, I am highly qualified in pouring Prosecco, making brews, fluffing out the dress, answering the door to everyone, calming down the little one's, looking after the pets, wiping the tears from the mother's eyes, patching up makeup after the tears etc. I am there and will do anything to help! It is all part of the service and at no extra cost.

All I ask is that after the wedding you provide me with all the suppliers you have used for photo's, flowers, hair, venue, dresses etc and send me any sneak peek photo's you get after the day. It's always nice to see you glowing on your day with your new husband and getting to share other suppliers/companies work too. I am all about supporting everyone within the team on the day.

So from start to end I am here via phone, person or email. If you are looking at start the ball rolling with wedding plans and wish for a quote please send me an email to ashleighlmua@hotmail.com and i will be happy to help!

With every quote I also send across a list of suppliers that have been very carefully chosen and picked by myself to help with brides that are unsure where to start or aren't quite sure of what they want. Please feel free to use this if you wish.

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