Stay Safe, Stay Sane

Things to do whilst you are indoors saving your friends & family lives and saving our amazing NHS. Whilst looking after these people we also need to save our mental health so here are a few tips on what we can do to ensure we keep a nice, positive mental mind.


Get those nails off!!! We keep looking at them, they're starting to lift at the bottom, your hair keeps catching on them when you are washing it and it's a constant reminder that your nail appointment was weeks ago.

BRING THE SALON TO THE HOUSE! Get the old one's removed, gain some strength back in them and paint your new natural nails. It's all about embracing the natural you.


Pick two nights a week to pamper. This will make you feel so much better!

Have a cleanse, exfoliate, tone, face mask and moisturise or treatment! Don't forget the Prosecco!

Here are some of my faves for a pamper eve.


It is so important whilst we are under mental stress and pressure that we try to sleep as best we can. Whilst we sleep we heal. The activity in our brains during deep sleep seems to allow us to create memories, learn, and adapt to our environment - which is something we all could do with embracing right now. It is scientifically proven that eight hours of sleep each night is helps improved mood, so if we are feeling down at the moment - understandably, sleep could be our saviour! However under the current circumstances this can be a challenge so we may need a little help from these AMAZING products. All tried and tested by myself.


Ladies, please, if you put a little time away to do anything during this lock down.

CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHES! This is their time to shine!

You can not save your skin if you are applying makeup with dirty brushes/tools. Dirty brushes hoard so many germs and this will only result in breakouts, blocked pores and a dirty face.

The best thing to wash makeup brushes is Fairy Liquid. It's amazing on our oily makeup brushes that are compact with foundation. It kills bacteria, it loosens oils and grime and leaves them sparkly clean and it is great as most have it in their homes...only the original Fairy works though!

However, I do love to give them an extra clean after the Fairy to help nourish them, stay soft and smell nice.


During this lock down don't neglect your body. The skin is our biggest organ and it is all over the body, not just the face! So during your pamper evenings pamper the body too. Run a nice hot bath or jump in the shower and indulge in these GORGEOUS products! The Frank Body scrub is INSANE, I have never had the same results from any other body scrub - plus lots to choose from and smells incredible! I personally love the Peppermint Coffee Scrub, it's the only coffee I need in a morning.


This is FREE, the easiest thing to do and yet very likely the hardest! We are always telling others to be kind etc. however, being kind to ourselves doesn't come as naturally. During these very uncertain times our minds are whizzing with so much information, lots of bad news, so much hearsay via social media and so many questions that can't be answered. It's very easy to be harsh on ourselves and put ourselves down for not exercising enough, not getting dressed, not putting makeup on etc. Here's what I want you to do:

  • It is SO important that we wake up in a morning feeling a little more positive than yesterday. Every morning I want you to search for POSITIVE mantras, quotes, mindsets. Fill 10 minutes of your morning with these amazing positive mental attitudes.

  • Avoid the news and social media platforms for the first hour of the day. Pour yourself a hot drink, make yourself some breakfast and just enjoy the Social-Free Feeling.

  • Whilst brushing your teeth (this is usually when we are looking in a mirror during this morning ritual) I want you to name 3 things you love about yourself. Even if it's "the hair isn't THAT grey". THREE THINGS! You don't have to say it out loud only YOU need to hear it!

  • Set aside time to do a daily walk and try to arrange one day where you walk alone! Walk to somewhere that is out of the way, away from others, mine is a stone near a farm track. Sit, do not pick up your phone, just sit and turn your mind off to everything other than the sounds around you. And BREATHE.....just breathe.

  • Do one thing every day that makes you really really happy. For some this is reading a book, shopping online, putting makeup on, having a pamper, going for a bike ride, having a bath etc.

  • When times are getting too much, whether it be the kids are making that 9am Wine feel acceptable or you're seeing too much bad news on TV that the anxiety is rising FAST. Take this time to google 'breathing techniques visual'. You will see moving photos like this one and breathe with it. Breathing helps SO MUCH!

I hope these little techniques can add a little serenity to your lock down life right now.

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