Right Said Red

Everyone loves a red lip right?


I have found within my clients and being around friends that when it is a suggested to wear a red lip sheer horror fills their face. They always say they love a red on someone else but not themselves. Is this you? I know why.

It is because you have been wearing the wrong red.


Because nobody ever told you how to choose the right red.

So here I am….

Checking your skin undertone colour

First of all you need to determine your skin under tone colour. To do this simple have a look at the inside of the arm.

Cool - You are cool if see a blue/purple-ish on the inside of your arm and have red/pink colouring in your skin.

Warm - You are Warm if you see yellow/green colours on the inside of your arm and have yellow or peachy colourings in your skin.

Neutral – You have a neutral under tone if you have olive skin colour you have a neutral skin tone.

So when we choose the right red for our lips we need to take into consideration the colour of our complexion of our skin and the under tones of our skin.

What is your complexion colour?

Fair/Light skin tones usually have tones of red to their skin, usually burn easily in the sun and usually have sensitive skin.

Medium skin tones usually tan very nicely in the sun and have an olive undertone (these guys I am super jel of)

Dark skin tones usually find their skin has hyperpigmentation.

Which Red is my Red?

If you are fair like me, having a cool complexion means we need to wear blue based or pink based tones – think raspberry colours.

Warm Medium and Warm Fair complexions can wear a popping orangey-red.

Medium skin tones with a cool undertone go for a blue undertone red.

If you have a warm undertone and have a medium/dark complexion go for a wine colour or cherry red.

If you have a cool undertone and have a medium/dark complexion go for dark berry reds.

TOP TIP: Wearing a lipstick with a Blue undertone to it will make your teeth look whiter!

Don't forget to follow the links on the lipstick photo's and add 'LFTFASHLEIGH' at checkout to gain yourself 20% off (this applies to some of the lipsticks).

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