Spot Busting Tips

If you have spots let's do a checklist as to why:

Are you stressed?

Stress is one of the main causes of spots especially if the remainder of your face is perfectly fine. Like me my skin is aggressively worse when I am stressed.

Stress is such a huge factor and the only way to reduce the amount of stress is to learn to control it and reduce the stressful situations we get involved in.

Do you have a good skincare routine?

A good skincare routine is mega important and even more so if you have problematic skin. You need to ensure that you are removing the bacteria on your skin that is a breeding ground for the bad bacteria to munch on and clog up your skin causing spots and blocked pores. Don't wear makeup? This still applies to you! Even if you don't wear makeup we pick up environmental bacteria every single day, you touch your face don't you at least once a day? That bacteria on your hands is then transferred to your face and then lives until you kill it!

We all (MEN AND WOMEN) should be cleansing, toning and moisturiser MINIMUM twice a day.

It's super important that we are using the RIGHT products for our skin too, otherwise using products not specific for our skin concerns will not solve your skin concern. Once you have a routine you will find it becomes second nature.

Are you skincare products chemical free?

Using less chemicals on the skin means less irritations and less upset to the skin. When you have problematic skin the chances are anything too harsh will just cause the spots to appear more red and angrier and then in turn make it more difficult to cover with makeup. Am I right? Yes I am because I've been there! The more natural products we can use the better!

Do you wash your makeup brushes?

For the love of god ladies, wash your makeup brushes! Our brushes and tools are literally like a petri-dish for bacteria. If you are able to, wash after every use! I know it's a ball-ache but surely it's better than spending tuns on skincare products and then still wiping bacteria on our face?

Bit of fairy liquid and a swish with water and bob's your uncle they're clean as a whistle! If you can't wash every day let's try twice a week. Even bring your tools with you in the shower and wash them with your body pebble! Just don't get your handles wet and the metal section and dry them flat on a towel.

Do you use the same Face Cloth/Flannel/Towel every day and night to wash/dry your face?

If you do, stop, right now! You need to ensure that if you only have one towel/cloth that it's properly washed after every use and dried. What you don't want to do is remove all your makeup and bacteria with that said cloth and then not wash it. Why? Because all that bacteria you just removed is still living and breeding on that cloth! Then the next day you're just having a welcome home party for the bacteria!


Whack it in the wash after every wash or wash it with your remainder of cleanser after every use and hang to dry.

Are you washing your pillows regularly?

So if the following didn't make your stomach turn this will! What happens when we have spots? Sometimes they pop, bleed, are filled with pus. Every night we sleep on our pillow and our face is touching it. If we have just cleaned our face and prepped it to heal (which we have just done) then three nights ago our lovely friend had a little accident and popped on our pillow....chances are we didn't realise, we just woke up thankful that our friend checked into the departure lounge overnight...however, he probably left you a little souvenir on your pillow that you weren't aware of. Then we are putting our clean skin over this section and before you know it your friend is checking back in!

Switch your pillow around and wash once a week. Even if you only have time to just wash the pillows.

Are you popping your spots?

You see the puss and you think I need to pop! Am I right?

Stop it immediately. You are just encouraging a growth of like 4 more spots by doing this and you will regret it.

If you absolutely MUST! then the way to do it is get a cotton bud (a clean one!) pop hot water over it and then put it over the spot, this will encourage the skin to break slowly and release the spot. Then get a new bud and do the same again to sanitize the area. Also, do not apply makeup to this area afterwards or it's back to square one.

When we pop a spot. Chances are you didn't wash your hands before and we have touched so much between the last time we washed them. The door, the tap, the light switch, the cup etc. We are just filling the little hole with bacteria. Then we usually put makeup over it to cover, or we forget and end up touching our face throughout the day. Just let the spot disappear on it own with the help from natural products that are designed to detox the bacteria. Think of it as an AA club for the bacteria!

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