Heavenly Scents

A few weeks ago Lauren featured in my Monthly Mail and to my surprise sent me some beautiful Heavenly Scents gifts!

After lighting them and smelling them over a good few weeks, I feel I can now do a true review of the products...

I chose the scents Kiwi, Blue Lagoon and Toasted Marshmallow. First of all, the packaging of the gift was gorgeous in a really cute, pretty pink box with a pink tied bow...for me presentation is EVERYTHING!

Toasted Marshmallow I was super lucky to have in a in a gorgeous jar. I don't know about you but I absolutely love a pretty jar, it came with a Heavenly Scents logo on and it was a white glass jar and a gorgeous wooden lid....the wooden lid just made me go 'ouuuuu pretty'. It would make a super cute gift!

When I opened the lid, I was in for even more prettiness, the top was flittered with a gorgeous blue glitter it looked so nice. Once I lit it, I left the room for 20 minutes to go and do the washing I came downstairs to a heavenly scented living room, it smelt beautiful! A really warm and homely scent, smelling exactly how you'd expect. I noticed as I watched the candle burn that as it burnt the glitter flowed out of the candle it was rather amazing to watch.

Because I am melt and candle OBSESSED, I lit the Kiwi in the bathroom and the Blue Lagoon in the bedroom. The Blue Lagoon was a waffle melt which again was beautiful and smelt divine. The bedroom smelt really clean and even Daniel commented on how lovely it smelt.

The kiwi smelt slightly fruity and if anything at all I'd love to be a little stronger but again another really homely scent. The wrapping of the waffle melts was lovely coming in a white frosted bag with heavenly scents logo sticker displayed. Perfect for stocking fillers.

I would definitely recommend these and I think next time I will be opting for some real fruitiness! I as a small business owner think it so important to shop local and shop with small businesses to help support them and their families, so please check her out!

Thank you so much Lauren my house smells beautiful!

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