Bridal Trial


Wedding makeup is to last all day and night and this is why having a trial for your wedding makeup is essential, to ensure that you are 110% happy. At the trial we can try one or two looks to ensure you are certain. Don't be afraid to ask for any changes to the makeup, this is EXACTLY what a trial is all about. Sometimes you don't know that you  like a certain colour etc until you try it! 

It's always best to have an idea of what you like, you can look on google or Pintrest and gain  some ideas. Feel free to save these in a folder on your phone and bring them with you. I will work with you to create the perfect look for your face shape, tone and colour scheme. 

If possible on the day wear something a similar colour to your wedding dress on the upper half of your body, i.e. white, baby pink, it would also help to wear something off the shoulders if your dress has no straps so you have a real idea of what the whole look will look like on the big day.

I always advise brides to choose a day where you have plans after the trial so it is a not a complete waste! You can get a real idea then as to how long the look lasts giving you confidence and reassurance that your makeup is there for the long haul on the wedding day and it's always great to get others opinions. 

Always remember that this is your trial and I will advise what will suit your face shape, colouring etc but if there is anything you are unhappy with please mention this at the trial so we can correct it and make you feel fabulous! 

It's always good to feedback to me a day or two after the trial so I know if any changes need to be made for the big day i.e. a different lip colour etc. 

Please be ready for me to ask different questions regarding the big day i.e. what time your wedding is and what time you wish to have the bride tribe ready, these points are always vitally important to me as it will all give a picture on how much time is needed on the morning. 

Prior to the trial it is best to arrive with no makeup, however, if this is not possible your makeup will be removed. If possible please exfoliate your skin the evening before as this will give the makeup a lovely finish. 

Most importantly, enjoy your trial. This is your time!